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Since founded on January 24, 1969, under the philosophy of becoming a ¡®Good Company¡¯ by Junki Kim, the founding chairman, Dongbu Group has achieved its two ultimate goals of multiplication and specialization based on its presence in national backbone industries and now it is ranked as one of the top ten corporate groups in Korea.

Dongbu Insurance, which was launched as Korea¡¯s first public auto insurance company in 1962, became a member of Dongbu Group in 1983 and changed its name to Dongbu Insurance Co., Ltd in October 1995, emerging as a prominent comprehensive non-life insurer in Korea driven by its focus on customer satisfaction and sound financial status. Based on profit-oriented management, systematic loss ratio management, top-notch ROE and ROA, Dongbu Insurance has posted surpluses for 16 consecutive years to lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth and it is evolving further, fulfilling its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Dongbu Insurance is committed to continuous boost of its customers, shareholders and employees values by enforcing global standard business infrastructure, achieving best-of-breed business efficiency, nurturing human talents and developing differentiated products and services.

Company Dongbu Insurance
CEO Kim, Jeong Nam
Business Field All type of insurance including long-term insurance, auto insurance, commercial insurance
(fire insurance, marine insurance, aviation insurance, boiler insurance, title insurance, worker¡¯s compensation insurance etc.)
Employee 4,363 (person)
Organization 8 Divisions 14 Headquarters
52 branches 12 Claim Service centers
6 Customer Service Centers